Will this Panda lead you to Gold in this New Game?

From Empress Dowager Bo’s 2000 year old tomb, will her panda companion finally reveal the source his legendary gold-dusted fur?
Panda's GoldWhen Empress Dowager Bo, mother of Liu Heng, Prince of Dai, who eventually became Emperor Wen of Han, died in 155 BC, she was buried in Xi’an, Shannxi with a panda’s skull in her vault. Legend has it that it was this panda was found covered in gold dust, from a gold vein near the surface amongst the bamboo on Quinling Mountains, now in the Foping Reserve.

Steadfastly refusing to return the forests and leave the Empress’ side, when she died, so did her faithful companion, her panda. And her panda’s skull, full of the knowledge of the gold in the mountains, was placed in her tomb.

Now you can unlock the Empress’ panda’s secrets with the new Panda’s Gold from RTG Asia. You’re lucky from the start with this game, as it pays 88 lines over the five reels. Hit three or four of the scatter symbols, the Chinese symbol for “fortune,” and you’ll get a free re-spin and this could lead you to eight free spins your prizes multiplied by 3, 5 or 8 if you hit the Panda, the wild, in your free spin games.

True fortune awaits as Panda’s Gold pays up to 50,000 your bet per line. Could get your own lucky panda companion on that kind of win!


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