Popular Web J Unveiled As RTG Asia’s Mermaid

A recent press conference and photoshoot had the local paparazzi drooling as Taiwan’s Sprite made her debut as RTG Asia’s new mermaid in their next mermaid game and brand ambassador. Carried in on the shoulder of a handsome biped, Sprite slipped onto a couch centre stage for photos and a welcome signing of their agreement […]

RTG Asia Unleashes San Guo Zheng Ba, the First of the Next Generation of RTG Slots

Over 1800 years ago and the Three Kingdoms War still resonates in hearts as a turning point for China, a terrible, wonderful, astounding period of Chinese history, brought to life through Luo Guanzhong’s magnificent and nearly 700 year old masterpiece, 三國演義 (Romance of Three Kingdoms, 三国演义). Now, for the first time in history, RTG Asia brings this […]

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